Photo by Cristi Tohatan on Unsplash

You Deserve to Be Loved

Recently I changed everything about how my friends and loved ones communicate with me. I made a manual on how to love me. It felt weird at first, but people actually loved it. They read it, and they learned how to talk to me in the best ways. When you’re navigating past trauma, anxiety, and a complex mix of love languages, being specific is a gift to everyone. 

And it’s okay to ask. 

How many times do we accept what others offer, even if it leaves us questioning where we stand with them? Why is it so scary to ask for clarity and reciprocal communication?

You deserve to be loved in exactly the right way that makes you light up and feel amazing. You deserve to never wonder if you’re reading someone’s behavior right. You deserve upfront and direct communication – and you deserve to ask for it without fear. 

How to Ask for the Love You Deserve 

Asking someone to change how they communicate with you can feel scary. It can feel like you’re telling them they aren’t doing enough – but if they love you, they’ll be happy to know your shortcuts and cheat codes. 

Ask for the Love You Deserve is a six week course to help you develop the confidence to set boundaries and ask for love, reassurance, and affection in the ways that make sense for you. 

What’s in the Course?

You’ll receive access to an exclusive Facebook community to discuss the course with other members and view the course materials at any time. The course includes a weekly video lesson, a weekly live video chat, a workbook, and a How to Love Me manual template to create your own reference for loved ones to learn how to communicate and love you. 

This course is for anyone who feels scared to ask for what they want and need out of relationships, whether at work, in their family, with a romantic partner, or with friends. 

To keep the interactive video chat close-knit, I’m limiting the class to the first twenty people who sign up. If you miss the cutoff you will get first dibs on the next time the course opens in January, in time to make better communication your New Year’s Resolution.

Class Begins October 28 – Reserve Your Spot Today

The course costs $199 and I will invoice through PayPal, then send you a link to the Facebook group once you’ve reserved your spot with payment.