Level Up Your Boundaries

You have survived every bad day so far in your life, because you’re a resilient person. But just because you’re surviving doesn’t mean you’re thriving and fully confident in your boundaries.

Your journey has been full of challenges, pursuits, and quests – but you may still find yourself feeling like an unwilling participant in the story. This is especially true for those of us who had traumatic pasts, from childhood or toxic relationships.

But there’s hope.

What if you could see yourself as the hero of your story?

What if you could believe that what happened to you wasn’t your fault?

What if you could become a more healed version of yourself — on your terms?

12-14 Trauma Recovery

It’s time to level up.

Level Up Your Trauma Recovery is a five week course designed to help you view your trauma recovery in a way you’ve never done before, honor the resilience and defensive skills that helped you survive a traumatic past, and make a plan to become the next level version of yourself.

The course uses a tabletop roleplaying game framework (think Dungeons and Dragons) to create a characterized version of yourself in trauma and in recovery.

It’s a plan to level up.

And we’ll learn these techniques in an approachable and even fun way!

Testimonial 4


From surviving to thriving.

Your resilience and coping skills got you through the hardest part of your life, and even though things didn’t go “perfectly,” it’s important to honor the ways you survived.

Level Up will show you how to take note of your skills, talents, and personality traits that helped shape your coping strategies. They will have a place of honor as you heal — even if you don’t need them anymore.

Testimonial AM

The power of a name.

In Level Up, you will name your villains and their attacks. The power of this creative activity will be almost immediate, as you find yourself able to observe their behavior in the real world as if it’s an attack you can dodge – because we’re going to name your defenses too.

Getting your abuser out of your head is hard work, but with a creative approach through the roleplaying framework you’ll be able to observe them in a new way that can give you time to build up boundaries and defenses.

Testimonial Abi

Choose your character.

Every good roleplaying campaign starts with character creation, so we’re going to dive into how each character class behaves in trauma and what they need to focus on in their recovery. Are you a Barbarian, who needs to work on anger triggers? A Rogue who picked fights with authority to feel a rush? A Ranger whose tendency to self-isolate might make things a little slow going?

You were born with innate skills and attributes that got you through the hard parts of your life.

Are you ready to level up?

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Level Up with me.


Level Up is a five week course including the following:

  • An exclusive online group for course members
  • A weekly video lesson posted to the group you can watch on your own time
  • Weekly journal prompts that align with the lessons
  • A weekly video conference call with the group to expand on the lesson and journal prompts

You should expect to devote around 2-3 hours each week to the chat, lesson, and your “homework,” and we’ll decide on the video chat night together as a group to find a time that works for everyone!

Level Up is $497 — reserve your spot now by filling out the form below, and I’ll invoice you on PayPal to reserve your space!

We’re currently in session and the next course begins June 29.

If you sign up before May 31, you’ll get 20% off – only $397 –  and a bonus goodie bag in the mail with a printed workbook, journal for notes, and a set of dice for working through conflict models – plus a signed copy of my book, because I think you’ll really like it!

What we cover each week

Curious about what each week’s lessons entail?

Week 1: Character Background

Are you an artistic Bard who has to talk through your struggles to get through them? A Barbarian always ready for a fight? A Ranger who left their hometown never to return? Get to know the trauma adaptations of each classic game character class, plus character backgrounds that help you make sense of where you’ve been so you can make a plan to level up.

Week 2: Understanding Your Enemies

Write the toxic players in your life into the story with their own character motivations — and discover that their motivations aren’t about you, but just about advancing their own agendas. Give a name to their classic attacks, so you can make a plan to defend yourself next time.

Week 3: Building Skills and Defenses

You have inherent strengths and coping mechanisms. We’ll dig in and sort them out to find out what’s healthy and what coping skills might have been cursed along the way so they cause you to repeat patterns that no longer serve you, but you can’t seem to stop. One favorite curse is the Pendant of Perfectionism, worn like a medal but it just gets heavier and heavier as you try to do things just right to avoid conflict.

Week 4: The Character Sheet

Things are getting real! This week, we’ll combine everything from your character background, skills, and defenses into two character sheets: one that describes you during your traumatic setting, and one that represents the leveled up version of you with healthier coping skills and a tool kit full of helpful resources like therapy, books, and healthy relationships and boundaries.

Week 5: Leveling Up

Even as you level up, build your skills, and practice your boundaries and defenses against your enemies (i.e., disrespectful or abusive people), sometimes they’ll still get through your armor. The Level Up process helps you recover faster without spiraling into self-blame. When you conceptualize your boundaries in the Level Up framework, you know that sometimes they get a lucky shot, but it doesn’t mean anything about YOU.

Reserve your spot now!

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About Caitlin

Caitlin Fisher has been writing about trauma recovery, boundaries, and healthy relationships for several years after becoming estranged from an abusive parent in 2017 and leaving an abusive marriage in 2018. After a traumatic childhood and domestic abuse, Caitlin’s recovery has relied on quality therapy, lots of helpful books, and written processing about their experiences (Caitlin is a Bard, if that wasn’t obvious). 

This course applies what Caitlin has learned in their own recovery to a framework based in creative character and narrative development from tabletop roleplaying games. It’s important to note that this is not therapy — Caitlin has a BA in Psychology and an M.Ed. in Higher Education Administration, including a background in career counseling and student advising, but they are not a licensed therapist. 

Caitlin seeks out continuing education to provide a trauma-informed approach to the Level Up course, including Leyline Presents: The Therapeutic Potential of Role-playing Games: An Overview.