Furniture limits

I have a little buyer’s remorse over the purchase of two end tables at a yard sale over the past weekend.  However, I have talked myself around to them for a few reasons:

  1. They are more functional for my needs as a bedside table than the storage ottomans I had been using, which were not totally flat and did not have adequate space for a book, my glasses, and my phone/charger without precarious balancing acts
  2. They were only $10 for the pair, a relatively painless amount of money
  3. Since I am so unattached, I can easily re-sell or donate when I move again, if I so desire

So now I have end tables.  I’ll continue using the storage ottomans to store things (like fuzzy winter socks!), or if I find another way to store my fuzzy winter socks, I’ll give the ottomans back to my mother or my sister for college.

In addition to end tables, I have procured a desk.  I didn’t initially want one, because I was confident in my ability to handle any and all computer tasks at my coffee table, but I caved and decided to get an actual work surface for tax deduction purposes.  I can claim a home office (for my freelance writing income) if I have a designated work space for my “home business.”

My new rule for furniture (besides my couch and my bed) is this: If I can’t get it up the stairs and into my flat by myself, I’m not buying it.  With this limit in mind, I re-purposed an end table with a drawer as my desk and then realized I would need a chair. Rats! Another piece of furniture.

I have to take furniture into account as I plan for my fantasy-self-future, where everything I own fits into my car.  I find myself looking at desk chairs and thinking, “There’s no way that would fit in my car and leave any room for other things,” so I rule it out.  I am currently coveting the Ikea Jules swivel chair, in white.  It’s small but functional, and would probably fit in my car with plenty of room for other things.  I’m also considering folding chairs, to save even more space.  When I have made a final decision about how to outfit my new minimalist workspace, another post with photos will surely follow, with my own personal tips and tricks for making the most of what I have.

How do you limit yourself when it comes to furniture?  What’s in your minimalist office?

Minimal furniture

With no furniture, I had to decide what to do about seating in the living room.  A couple of chairs seemed ideal for portability (both in the moving process and around the room!) but I decided on a couch for snuggle potential and to give my sister a place to sleep when she visits.

So I wound up finding a secondhand couch for $40 at the Salvation Army store, and I scrubbed and vacuumed it, and I’m going to cover it with a white or off-white (or yellow, I haven’t decided) sheet because slipcovers are prohibitively expensive – more expensive than the couch!

My mom mentioned finding a chair or two for the living room as well, and I told her a couch was plenty.  She insisted that it would be nearly impossible to have a conversation between three people with only a couch.  I told her it was my apartment, not other people’s apartment to have conversations in, and they could deal with my couch.

I plan to use a trunk for storage and as a coffee table, and I will have my painting easel accessible from the couch.  I can’t see any reason to over-stuff my small place with furniture for other people.  I may add furniture as I continue living there if my daily routine shows me a need for it, but I am starting over clean and fresh and I refuse to waste money on things for the sole purpose of “just in case.”