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Hi, I’m Caitlin. I write about trauma recovery, relationships, boundaries, and love. You may be wondering why my website is called “Born Again Minimalist” when I talk about trauma recovery, relationships, boundaries, and love — and that makes you an astute observer.

It’s called that because this blog started as a minimalism blog when I got rid of half my stuff to move into a 500 square foot apartment in 2012. I still post about minimalism from time to time, but after I left an abusive marriage, I started blogging more about self care, positive self image, and healthy boundaries.

Minimalism has become the way I say no to everything that does not serve me, even when that something (or someone) is extremely hard to say no to.

It would be my absolute honor to help you find the strength to say no to what doesn’t serve you so that you feel empowered to give a hearty “fuck yeah” to what sets your soul on fire.

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