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About Born Again Minimalist

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This blog began in 2012 when, after a divorce and living with my parents for six months with all my worldly possessions in their basement, I realized I had way too much stuff. I had been accumulating meaningless objects my whole life and was largely focused on how to keep getting more meaningless objects.

Enter minimalism.

What minimalism is

Minimalism is a lifestyle characterized by priorities and only having those things in your life which are beautiful and meaningful to you. It is about doing what aligns with your priorities and basically telling everybody else’s priorities to take a hike.

What minimalism is not

Minimalism is not (necessarily):

  • Only wearing 10 items over and over again
  • Only eating food in bowls
  • Only having one car, or no car
  • Only owning one pair of shoes
  • Being perfectly at peace with your worldly possessions
  • Maintaining a perfectly zen attitude at all times
  • Being a vegan
  • Being a nomad whose possessions all fit into a single backpack
  • Eschewing physical books and movies for their digital or audible counterparts
  • Owning <100 things
  • Being a barefoot hippie

A natural progression

As time went on, it got harder to only write about decluttering and minimizing my space. I went through cycles of emulating different minimalists I followed as I found what worked best for me.

I like to focus on what I call “lifestyle minimalism,” which is paring down the non-tangible things in your life as well as the physical items in your space. I write about wellness: physical, emotional, financial, and otherwise. A holistic approach to life with a solid plan is how this Type-A hippie does things around here.

As my life continued and I focused on real life issues and left an abusive marriage, I started blogging more about self care, positive self image, healthy boundaries, and more.  Minimalism has become the way I say no to everything that does not serve me, even when that something (or someone) is extremely hard to say no to. This is hard work.

What this website does

It would be my absolute honor to help you find the strength to say no to what doesn’t serve you so that you feel empowered to give a hearty “fuck yeah” to what sets your soul on fire.

I write about a lot of topics, including wellness, relationships, travel, food, home, and lifestyle. The earlier posts go through a lot of my own personal decluttering. If you are looking around thinking, “Where did all this stuff come from???” then I recommend you start at the beginning and learn from my mistakes and experiences. Here to help.

I’m a little bit mouthy and a lot bit spiritual in the sense that I think the Universe gives me what I want and need because I expect it and manifest it through the power of being a badass.