The Gaslighting of the Millennial Generation: THE BOOK

Remember that time I wrote a viral blog post?


I turned that into a book, and it’s available now.


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What’s the Book About?

In my original Gaslighting blog post, I discussed a really general overview of the way the world works for millennials. As a whole, we’re overworked and underpaid and just trying to get by, and yet people keep telling us we’re not working hard enough since nothing seems to work out. The book expands on that with detailed forays into twelve different aspects of society that we’ve allegedly murdered.

Read onward for the official synopsis:

Millennials have begun waking up to the fact that the ways we were treated as children and as young adults in the work force is not normal. We’re understanding that our generation is bigger than the last. We’re coming to terms with the fact that we will inherit the Earth and want to make it very, very clear that while we absolutely intend to clean up this mess, we are not the ones that made it.

  • Inspired by a viral blog post of the same title, Fisher has expanded her observations about the concept of societal gaslighting and provided actionable steps for millennials to advocate for themselves and feel empowered to reject “the way things have always been done.”
  • Fisher unapologetically calls BS on blanket accusations that millennials have undermined the economy, housing market, and the very concept of the American Dream.
  • With a combination of anecdotal experiences and data from the Pew Research Center and other sources, Fisher combats each claim in turn with topics ranging from religion to the economy to dating and marriage.
  • Using her background in education and career counseling, Fisher addresses the changes to the professional landscape driven by the rising millennial workforce along with the evolution of public education and the very concept of higher education as a necessity for success.
  • This book contains eleven jokes about avocados.

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